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Founded in 1992 in Mahon Sakhon, Isaan, FA Group moved to Bangkok in 2006. Best known for Petchboonchu FA Group, the gym has also produced such legendary Muay Khao as Yothin FA Group and Petchniyom FA Group.

Training Packages

FA Group offers two fight training sessions a day, plus a morning run. The day starts at 6:00 AM with a light run through Chatuchak Park, and the morning session starts at 7:00 AM with clinching, sparring and/or pad work along with some light bag work and exercises. Like most Thai gyms the morning session is lighter, though it may vary in intensity.

The afternoon session begins at 3:00 PM with fifteen minutes jumping rope and shadowboxing. The boxers then clinch for forty minutes to an hour. After clinching, the boxers do pad work, bag work, then go for an afternoon run. This session lasts until about 5:00 PM.  

The gym is open 6 days a week: Monday through Saturday.  



FA Group is located a short walk from the Chatauchak Weekend Market, behind the Channel 7 studio (where you can see free stadium Muay Thai on Sundays!), in Northern Bangkok.

319 Soi Vibhavadi 5 Yek6, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok,


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