Yothin vs Dejchaiya


He’s done it again!

Yothin met Dejchaiya Petchyindee last night at Rajadamnern for the heavily anticipated main event of Petchyindee’s Thursday promotion.

Out of Petchyindee Academy in Bangkok, Dejchaiya weighed in at 120lbs, and Yothin at 117.5. Coming off of last month’s loss against the larger Kompatak, there might have been room for concern, but his trainer laughed when asked how he [Yothin] was feeling before the fight. “

Happy,” he said.

Yothin set the pace early with vicious leg kicks and sharp counters, landing a flurry of elbows and body sweeps in the second and third rounds, and playing evasive for the fourth and fifth - forcing Dejchaiya to pursue.

Check out some of the highlights below:



In a new joint promotion between the daughter of one of the Rajadamnern promoters and her Chinese partner, two of our Thai fighters and two of our foreigners came to battle it out live on Chinese TV.

Last-minute Change in Strategy

Kris was the second fight of the first bracket, and was already wrapped and oiled when the promoter came in to tell us that the first round would be scored on a ten-points must system - and limiting the clinch. Although not forbidden, clinching fighters would be broken once position was secured, and no leg sweeps were allowed at all.


Kris adapted well, establishing control early with heavy punches and racking up the score with chains of well-timed knees, even in the limited clinch. He came out with a dominant win on points after three rounds, his first win against a Thai opponent.

“I’ve never fought an opponent with such strong kicks”, he said afterward.


Songfangkong also fought in the first bracket. He had never fought in a three-round format, or with limited clinch. He wasn’t able to up his pace enough to match his opponent, losing the first round badly, and covering for much of the second. Although he began to turn it around in the third, landing a body takedown just before the final bell, it wasn’t enough to make up for the first two rounds and he lost on points.


Komawut fought in the second bracket, dominating the entire fight with rock-solid defense, and winning on points after three rounds. He adapted well to the modified style, landing heavy punches, and brutal leg kicks, and catching a beautiful sweep off a spin kick that brought a roar from the crowd.


Mark was our last fight of the night, and he started slow, with his opponent controlling the ring and the pace - Mark chased, but struggled to make contact in the first and second rounds.

He began to pick it up near the end of the second round, landing a knee that doubled his opponent over, and by the middle of the third round, he had hit his stride, driving the clinch and forcing a count after a punishing volley of knees and elbows that left his opponent sagged against the ropes. He came out with a points win, our third of the night. Overall, a satisfying evening.

Next up: Yothin FA Group vs Dejchaiya Petchyindee.

Songfangkong vs Kwaeng Gongtorani

Songfangkong fought again last night, after weeks of preparation and build up for what might have been the final bout between the young fighters.

Camp Rivalry

The two had clashed twice before, with Songfangkong emerging victorious both times, and the pressure was high: not only was the young fighter 2-0, but the camps had agreed to a significant side bets.

Tan gave the fight its full due, the seriousness of the event evident in his training, the intensity spilling over in the rest of the gym: space opened on the small, crowded floor as people stopped to watch, the older boxers taking extra time to work with him to refine his technique.

“All of my body hurts when I wake up,” Tan said when he took a rare morning off to have his calves massaged, “I’m running four laps [approximately 12km] every day.”


And then, the day before weigh-ins, his opponent disappeared.

In the last-minute shuffle, he was replaced by a fighter who had not cut weight, and on Wednesday morning Songfangkong weighed in at 120lbs against Kwaeng Gongtorani’s 128lbs.

Songfangkong, still finding his rhythm in the first and second rounds, dropped behind early, and his opponent’s lead was solidified by a series of skillful takedowns in the third. Songfangkong spent the fourth and fifth rounds playing catch-up, stalking down a larger opponent who knew he was ahead.

Although he wasn’t able to pull out the win, Tan stayed calm and focused. The intensity he’s been showing during training translated nicely in the ring as he played the aggressor, driving a full three rounds of clinch.

A long way from the young boy who used to cry in the corner of the ring.

More to come.

Photos from Muay Siam below.

Yothin vs Kompatak


Yothin and Kompatak clashed at Lumpinee for the evening’s main event last night, February 1st 2019.

Although Yothin and Kompatak have fought twice before, Yothin has moved up two weight classes in the past year in order to find opponents after a brutal 13 fight win streak in 2017, and gave up an additional two pounds for this match. After only two-days of weight cutting - unusual for a top-tier fighter - Yothin weighed in at 120 lbs, and Kompatak at 122 lbs.

Yothin came in strong, pressing forward and landing technically spectacular throws throughout the third round, but struggled to maintain his dominance against a significantly taller opponent. Although he brought his signature, overwhelming style and a lion’s heart, he didn’t manage to bring home the win.

On to the next one.

Catch the highlights below:

Ruslan Fradkin's fight at Max

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.40.53 PM.png

Ruslan had his second fight with FA Group last night. This time he was pitted against an experienced opponent in Helenski Pumpanmuang.

Ruslan is staying with FA Group for several months and we are looking forward to seeing more from him in the ring.

Thanks to Team Haizler for sending him out! Go Team Israel! 

The Best Muay Thai Fighters! A SMM Sports article

Yothin SMM Sport.jpg

Yothin got a recent write up in SMM  Sports. Here it is with the translation. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.56.34 AM.png

This amazing fighter out of Udon Thani has great form and even though he lost to Kiewpayak Jitmuangnon, Yothin fights best at 115 pounds. No one can escape his clinch. We talked to Wanchalong PK Saenchaigym and Jomhod Eminent Air. They both said that Yothin has the strongest grip. It is not strange that Yothin is the best at 115 pound fighter in Thailand. 



Ajarn Diesel makes Muay Siam news

Daily Muay Thai newspaper Muay Siam published a great piece on head trainer Diesel. The article has been translated and can be read below! Read about one of the best Muay Thai trainers in Thailand! 

Diesel FA Group Article.jpg

The Heart of FA Group


Diesel FA Group

Translated from Muay Siam


When talking about FA Group Muay Thai gym, everyone knows the camp’s famous fighters; Yothin, Komarwut and the most legendary Petchboonchu.

Behind these successful fighters is Diesel  FA Group or Mr.Wandee Numthawat,  a 52 year old from Loeng Nok Tha,Yasothon.

He is the head trainer of FA Group Muay Thai gym under Mr. Liam, the owner of the gym who runs the business under Mr. Tong, owner of FA Group food additive company. 

Mr. Liam, Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel

Mr. Liam, Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel

Diesel started Muay Thai when he was 13 year old but he didn’t get support from his parents. They were too worried for the only child in their family. Eventually his father is allowed him to start learning Muay Thai from a gym in Diesel’s hometown.  The young Deisel would follow the fighters and watch them fight. When he came back home he hung a sandbag outside of his house to emulate his heroes.

He eventually got into the ring himself and his first bout ended with a TKO win the second round. The win made him feel confident in his abilities and he kept training until the manager of Sor Tinakorn gym brought him to stay at the camp. At the time Sor Tinakorn was the largest gym in the area.

He continued to train and moved to Nakorprathorm gym where he won 4 to 5 times. He was slated to fight at Channel 7 but the fight never happened and he returned home to open a gym of his own in Yasothon, Sreeroj Watsadu gym,under the management of Ajarn Niroj Pongsaklek. The gym built many famous fighters in the 2-3 years it was in operation including Pongsaklek and Songnarong.

When the Sreeroj Watsadu gym closed, Diesel was brought to work with Bua sel Pinrach in Nong Khai Province. That only lasted for a 5 monthhs before everyone moved on. Luck was with Diesel for his next venture though. Diesel’s friend Kradingthong Compoothong introduced him to Mr. Liam Bor Boonchu who had a small gym in Nong Khai.

“Mr. Liam is a nice guy,” Diesel said. “He is fair to everyone and I’ve been working with him for almost 15 years.”

Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel smashing pads

Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel smashing pads

There weren’t many fighters at the time, only 3 or 4, but Diesel stuck with it. There was Petchboonchu, Petchboonchuay, Khongphikat and Yoknoi.

“We built Petchboonchu since he was kid. He was only 30kg when he started and he started fighting in Korat. We met Kru Ood Buay yai while in Korat and that’s how we began fighting for Petchyindee events,” Diesel said.

Diesel continued on with his hard work and in 2014 Diesel had one of the most successful years of his career. He received trainer of the year for 2014. Not all was going well with the gym though. There were problems with some of the trainers and fighters.

“I decided to leave the gym,” Diesel said. “But after I left they couldn’t get the fighters to win. Mr. Liam called me and asked me to come back.”

Diesel revamped the staff and brought a full team to build the fight stable again.

“Give me 5 months to build the fighters again,” Diesel told Mr. Liam. “If I can’t do it I will resign and not return.”

“I understood that the fighters come from different families and have different natures but a good fight team must stay together. We must be like a family. It isn’t easy to control everyone but I knew that I had to build the team up.”


Petchboonchu FA Group

Petchboonchu FA Group

Diesel worked hard and was able to push Petchboonchu’s career forward. Hebecame one of the best fighters at Lumpini stadium and is one of the most highly decorated Muay Thai fighters in the world.

“I work with Mr. Tong and Mr. Liam,” Diesel said. “We respect each other and they give me permission to design the training for the fighters. I really focus on knee fighting. It is the most powerful part of the FA Group regime. It has been that way since Bor Pla Boonchu turned into FA Group years ago.”

“Now we have Yothin. He came to the gym a few years ago and only made a few thousand baht. Now he gets almost 200 thousand baht per fight. I am happy because Yothin is happy,” Diesel continued.

“I’ve been doing Muay Thai for almost 30 years now and some time is happy and sometimes are unhappy but I am very grateful that I’ve always been supported by Mr. Tong and Mr. Liam. I want to keep producing quality fighters for FA Group. I will always do my best to build good fighters and won’t accept bets or cheat them. I will not disappoint,” Diesel concluded. 



New Photos from Julien Strai

French friend Julien Strai came by the gym the other day to take some great photos. He is currently doing  a series on Muay Thai called Fight or Die. You can check it out on his website. Thanks for the photos!

If you are a photographer and would like to take photos at the gym feel free to contact us at: info@muaythaifagroup.com

Beautiful Photos from Muay Thai Galaxy

Recently we had our french friends from Muay Thai Galaxy come to FA Group to take some photos. We'll be posting the photos on our instagram but wanted to share them here as well. 

If you are a photographer and would like to take some shots at FA Group please feel free to contact us at: info@muaythaifagroup.com

Yothin takes on Kriangkrai Petchyindee Academy


For those of you who have been following along Yothin has been moving up in weight. He ran out of opponents and recently has been fighting at 117lbs and now has moved up to 118lbs. He even gave his opponent Kriangkrai a 2 pound weight advantage! That hasn't stopped Yothin from stepping into the ring. Here are some of the highlights from his fight with Kriangkrai

Fight night at Bangla Stadium



FA Group was out in force recently at Bangla Stadium in Phuket. Liam is good friends with the promoter and owner of MU Den Gym and he was nice enough to set up the crew with a series of fights. It was a great night for FA with Petchniyom winning by knockout, Wangnamyen and Matt winning and points and Wankii losing on points.


Petchniyom looked sharp in his fight and was shaking off the ring rust. He hasn't fought in a while after a chest injury. He was on it at the stadium though! Check out his three round battle below.


Wangnamyen recently had a tough defeat at Max but was shining at Bangla where he easily cruised through his opponent who'd recently fought at MX and knocked his opponent out. A great victory for Wangnamyen and he is looking confident.


Fan favorite Matt got up to test himself in the ring once again. His opponent was in better shape but was just not as experienced as Matt and Matt cruised to victory.


Wankii, from South Korea, has been at the gym for the last few months and has shown a lot of improvement. Coming from a kickboxing background this was his first Muay Thai bout. While he didn't get the decision we look forward to more of South Korean Storm devastate in the ring! 

Reportback of Team Israel at IFMA

Team Israel has been training out of FA Group in the last few weeks in preparation for the youth IFMA fights. The IFMA (International Federatioin Muay Thai Amateur) is a large organization that is pushing Muay Thai into the Olympics. Currently the sport is in provisional status which means that in a few years Muay Thai may be a full fledged sport in the Olympics. In preparation for this many countries are pushing Muay Thai. This is the case with Team Israel who each year are growing as a team and securing more and more medals.

The Team Israel Crew

The Team Israel Crew


This year 11 year old Amin Mdah competed against Germany in the 1/4 final round, Amin used good teep and clinch techniques throughout his fight but sadly the judges saw it differently and Amin lost his fight. 

Amin had a great training camp in FA Group and was trained by Petboonchuy and Diesel. 

New comer 15 year old Ariel Steinberg who experienced Thailand for the first time at FA Group got a draw straight to the semi final in cadets 14-15 at 51 kilo. Ariel had a tough fight against Spain but came through on points and advanced to the finals against Thailand, Ariel stepped to the ring against Thailand more composed, focused and with a goal in his mind, to be world champion. 

Ariel fought well against a far more experienced Thai opponent, blocking his kicks and hitting the Thai with a punch kick combination, in the clinch Ariel did fairly well, but came short on points but went on to win the Silver medal. Ariel credits his clinch experience with FA Group fighter Tan for his silver. 

16 year old Amit Mdah who has become a familiar face in FA Group in the last few years competed in the Junior 16-17 division and won against Madagascar in the 1/8, in the 1/4 final Amit went on the fight the representative of the Palestinian Authority, sadly the opponent's team boycotted the fight, Amit was not there for politics, Amit was there to fight and advanced to the semi finals against Ukraine. 

In the semi final Amit began the first round with his usual superb footwork and punch to elbow techniques, and injured his opponent face, in the second round the Ukrainian opponent out pointed Amit, in the 3rd round Amit did more damage with his strong elbows and the Ukrainian pointed more and won the fight, Amit went on to win the Bronze medal.

17 year old Din Haziza who competed at the Junior division 51 kilo, went up against Austalia in the 1/8 round, Din knocked out his opponent viciously with a headkick in the 2nd round and advanced on to the next round. In the 1/4 Din won against Sweden and in the semi finals against Kazakhstan. 

Din's KO win! 


Din with his award

Din with his award

Din went on to the finals against a Thai from Udon Thani, a Lumpinee fighter with 70 fights, Din fought well using his femur style technique and matched his opponent well, but the scorecards were very close but not enough and Din won the silver medal. Prior to his medal win Din had a solid camp at FA Group and also with Petchboonchuay who trained out in Israel. 

17 year old Elad Suman who has been in FA Group before and is known for a good clinch game, strong kicks and superb movement competed in the Junior 16-17 division 67 kilo, Elad went up against Turkey in the 1/8, Elad outclassed and taunted his opponent using his trademark middle kicks and evasions and won the fight, in the 1/4 he went up against a talented and experienced fighter from Peru, Elad showcased good punch and combination techniques and dominated the clinch game and advances to the semi finals against Ukraine. 

In the semi finals Elad fell short every round against Ukraine, it was very competitive but the opponent had an answer to the kicks, and strong defense and scored better in the clinch. 

Elad lost but was awarded the bronze medal. 

The training camp in FA Ground improved Elad's clinch defense and stability, Elad worked morning and afternoon with James, Yothin and other strong Thai's and was well prepared for the championship. 



17 years Roie Ullman competed in the junior 16-17 75 kilo division, Roie who comes from a great school of Muay Thai but lacked some experienced fought in the 1/4 against Russia, Roie's technique was clear and precise, but in the later rounds the Russian pushed the pace hard and won on points. 

Alex Dar one of the head coaches for the team said, "I have been visiting the Gym for the last few years and sending the fighters there to prepare for international fights and tournaments, FA Group offers aggressive style techniques with a unique clinch regime that proves itself over and over in competition, regardless of the professional aspect of the gym it is like a family to us, the trainers and management takes care of us and we feel like home, I will miss my friends in the gym and I will come visit very soon."

Sai FA Group wins again

Sai took a bout last night at Lumpinee. He is one of our up and coming boxers and took the bout on points. Not only did he get the win but he also got some press coverage with a write up in Muay Siam. 


Here is his fight

FA Group partners with Team Haizler

FA Group in coordination with Israeli Muay Thai gym Team Haizeler has decided to help push the sport internationally as Petchboonchuay FA Group will be going to Tel Aviv Israel for 3 weeks to help Itay Guyer prepare for the world games.   

Petchboonchuay is a well-regarded Muay Khao fighter out of FA Group and began his Muay Thai career at the age of 10.

“My uncle was a boxer and he like Muay Thai and he was the one that first trained by,” Petchboonchuay said. “I stayed in my hometown in Beung Kan province until I was 11 years old then I moved to Bor Pla Boonchu gym which later became FA Group in Bangkok.”    

Petchboonchuay at MX Extreme

Petchboonchuay at MX Extreme

At the age of 11 Petchboonchuay was already a seasoned veteran of the ring. He’d had his first fight in which he won 200 baht. “I lost and I cried after my first fight but that year I fought about 30 times."

In his storied career which has seen him fight at Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, Max Muay Thai and MX extreme Petchboonchuay has fought countless times with a record of 150 fights, 104 wins, 6 draws and 40 losses.

Petchboonchuay holds Petchboonchu FA Group in high esteem. Petchboonchu is the most decorated Muay Thai boxer in history with an uncountable amount of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern belts. 

His proudest accomplishments came when he returned to the ring after an extended lay off. "I fought from 11 to 21 then I took a break for four years. I had a family and a son, sadly things with my wife didn't work out but I returned to Muay Thai. I have been fighting for the last 2 to 3 years regularly and am really proud of how far I've come."

Petchboonchuay has overcome notable Thais and foreigners since his come back and beat French  fighter Brian Denis out of Max Sport Gym twice on MX Extreme. Petchboonchuay attributes his success to head FA Group trainer Kru Diesel. 


He has always followed Kru Diesel ever since the Bor Pla Boonchu days and considers him to be his favorite trainer.

“He taught me how to be a good fighter. You have to train hard and follow the rules,” Petchboonchuay said. “He also taught me how to be a good trainer. You have take care of the kids and be a kind person.”

Of course Petchboonchuay holds FA Group in high esteem. “We are one of the best gyms. FA Group is like a family and we all train together. We’ve never thrown a fight or taken a dive because of gamblers. We bring up the kids from Isaan and teach them to respect their elders. FA Group is not like a business, it is like a family.”

It is with that feeling of comradery and family that FA Group has extended its hands to help Itay in preparation for the World Games. Itay previously was at FA Group gym in preparation for his fight on the Best of Siam promotion at Rajadamnern Stadium which was hosted by legendary French Muay Thai Fighter Jean Charles Skarbowsky. Itay Guyer bested Petchmahakam Khorat Sports School at the stadium winning by TKO in the fourth round.


Guyer is on the past to success and recently took the Silver Medal at the IFMA games this year and is now been invited to fight in Poland at the World Games.

The World Games is coordinated along with IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur) and according to it's website "The 10th edition of the World Games is set to be one of the biggest sport events in Poland and the city of Wroclaw will become a place of unforgettable sport performances where more than 4000 participants from more than 100 countries together with hundreds of thousand fans will gather to celebrate excellence and fair play."   


FA Group and Team Haizler is looking to take the world by storm with this partnership!

Go Team Israel! Go Team Thailand!


FA Group keeps pushing forward

It's been a busy week for FA Group with Komawuut, Wangnamyen, Yothin, and Erik Masson fighting. We've had some wins and some losses at FA but continue to push forward. 

Foreign fighter Erik Masson took a bout at Rajadmanern and won via tko in the third round. Erik smashed into his opponent's leg to knock him out and take back the victory to FA Group.


Yothin fought over at Rajadmanern as well. As previously reported Yothin has had to move up on weight as no one wants to fight him at 115lbs. His opponent was slightly bigger and took home a points victory. Yothin will be back in action soon.

Wangnamyen fought on the Thai Rat Muay Thai fighter show last saturday. He had a bad first and second round but then put on the pressure in the third. It wasn't enough and after three rounds of action he lost a points decision.

Komawut took home a win at Muay Dee recently. He's been training hard and took home a points decision win.