Ajarn Diesel makes Muay Siam news

Daily Muay Thai newspaper Muay Siam published a great piece on head trainer Diesel. The article has been translated and can be read below! Read about one of the best Muay Thai trainers in Thailand! 

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The Heart of FA Group


Diesel FA Group

Translated from Muay Siam


When talking about FA Group Muay Thai gym, everyone knows the camp’s famous fighters; Yothin, Komarwut and the most legendary Petchboonchu.

Behind these successful fighters is Diesel  FA Group or Mr.Wandee Numthawat,  a 52 year old from Loeng Nok Tha,Yasothon.

He is the head trainer of FA Group Muay Thai gym under Mr. Liam, the owner of the gym who runs the business under Mr. Tong, owner of FA Group food additive company. 

Mr. Liam, Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel

Mr. Liam, Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel

Diesel started Muay Thai when he was 13 year old but he didn’t get support from his parents. They were too worried for the only child in their family. Eventually his father is allowed him to start learning Muay Thai from a gym in Diesel’s hometown.  The young Deisel would follow the fighters and watch them fight. When he came back home he hung a sandbag outside of his house to emulate his heroes.

He eventually got into the ring himself and his first bout ended with a TKO win the second round. The win made him feel confident in his abilities and he kept training until the manager of Sor Tinakorn gym brought him to stay at the camp. At the time Sor Tinakorn was the largest gym in the area.

He continued to train and moved to Nakorprathorm gym where he won 4 to 5 times. He was slated to fight at Channel 7 but the fight never happened and he returned home to open a gym of his own in Yasothon, Sreeroj Watsadu gym,under the management of Ajarn Niroj Pongsaklek. The gym built many famous fighters in the 2-3 years it was in operation including Pongsaklek and Songnarong.

When the Sreeroj Watsadu gym closed, Diesel was brought to work with Bua sel Pinrach in Nong Khai Province. That only lasted for a 5 monthhs before everyone moved on. Luck was with Diesel for his next venture though. Diesel’s friend Kradingthong Compoothong introduced him to Mr. Liam Bor Boonchu who had a small gym in Nong Khai.

“Mr. Liam is a nice guy,” Diesel said. “He is fair to everyone and I’ve been working with him for almost 15 years.”

Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel smashing pads

Yothin FA Group and Ajarn Diesel smashing pads

There weren’t many fighters at the time, only 3 or 4, but Diesel stuck with it. There was Petchboonchu, Petchboonchuay, Khongphikat and Yoknoi.

“We built Petchboonchu since he was kid. He was only 30kg when he started and he started fighting in Korat. We met Kru Ood Buay yai while in Korat and that’s how we began fighting for Petchyindee events,” Diesel said.

Diesel continued on with his hard work and in 2014 Diesel had one of the most successful years of his career. He received trainer of the year for 2014. Not all was going well with the gym though. There were problems with some of the trainers and fighters.

“I decided to leave the gym,” Diesel said. “But after I left they couldn’t get the fighters to win. Mr. Liam called me and asked me to come back.”

Diesel revamped the staff and brought a full team to build the fight stable again.

“Give me 5 months to build the fighters again,” Diesel told Mr. Liam. “If I can’t do it I will resign and not return.”

“I understood that the fighters come from different families and have different natures but a good fight team must stay together. We must be like a family. It isn’t easy to control everyone but I knew that I had to build the team up.”


Petchboonchu FA Group

Petchboonchu FA Group

Diesel worked hard and was able to push Petchboonchu’s career forward. Hebecame one of the best fighters at Lumpini stadium and is one of the most highly decorated Muay Thai fighters in the world.

“I work with Mr. Tong and Mr. Liam,” Diesel said. “We respect each other and they give me permission to design the training for the fighters. I really focus on knee fighting. It is the most powerful part of the FA Group regime. It has been that way since Bor Pla Boonchu turned into FA Group years ago.”

“Now we have Yothin. He came to the gym a few years ago and only made a few thousand baht. Now he gets almost 200 thousand baht per fight. I am happy because Yothin is happy,” Diesel continued.

“I’ve been doing Muay Thai for almost 30 years now and some time is happy and sometimes are unhappy but I am very grateful that I’ve always been supported by Mr. Tong and Mr. Liam. I want to keep producing quality fighters for FA Group. I will always do my best to build good fighters and won’t accept bets or cheat them. I will not disappoint,” Diesel concluded.