Kru Diesel's interview with Muay Siam - English Translation

Recently Kru Diesel had a write up in the daily newspaper Muay Siam. We were able to translate it into english! Enjoy and make sure to share!


The Teacher is a boat to cross over troubled waters

Translated article from Muay Siam

Muay Thai Krus, or teachers, sometimes can be harsh it is necessary if the boxer is going to succeed and be proud of his career. While the use of strict measures is some teachers are able to strike a balance between harshness and joy. This is exemplified in Mr. Wandee Nattawat, or Kru Diesel.

Kru Diesel comes from Yasothon and is a trainer at FA Group gym. He began fighting at the age of 12 in his hometown under the name of Diesel S. Thinnakorn. He fought regularly in Isaan, the rural northeast of Thailand and was well supported by his father who enjoyed the sport. His mother, however, didn’t like it and he would often hide his fights from his mother.

When he was in the fifth grade, his sister passed away. The tragedy forced him to return home to take care of his mother. He fought a few more times in Bangkok and then returned to his hometown to be a diligent son.

“Even if I can not fight anymore, Muay Thai is my life,” he said. In order to provide for this family he became a trainer at Lengnokta and Srioj Wadsadu gym. He was able to bring Sornarong Kiettisingnoi to stardom and Sornarong Kiettisingnoi did very well at the stadiums in Bangkok.

After his time with Kiettisingnoi Kru Diesel met Pii Liam from Nongkhai. Together they started to work together at Bor Pla Boonchu gym which began with only two fighters. He then began to work with Kru Ood Bauwyai who regularly worked with Petchyindee promotions.

Currently Kru Diesel has been a trainer at FA Group for more than 10 years. While he may look fierce to the fighters at the gym he just wants them to grow and be successful for themselves. He dislikes laziness and improper training. He always talks to his students asking them, “Why did you star? If you want to be famous, popular and to help your family with money then you must train hard. If you are lazy then you should stop and get another job.”

FA Group gym is like a family and for Kru Diesel “I have to take care of my boxers. I am a stand in for their family at home. The boxers are like my sons,” he said. “FA Group gym needs strong and tough fighters. We learn about our opponents before we fight them and then we train harder. Right now we have around 10 boxers which is perfect. Not too many and not too low.”

The decent sized stable helps provide for the gym which is also supported by Pii Tong of FA Group additive company and Pii Liam. Each month FA Group gym’s expenses are about 100,000 baht. As is usual the purse of the fights are split between the camp and the boxers 50/50.

“I try to teach my boxers how to save,” Kru Diesel said. “How it is important to spend the money on their future and their family.” This is shown in Yothin FA Group, the star fighter currently at the gym who has built a house for his father and mother. Yothin is now on a 13 fight win streak!

“I am most proud of my fighter Petchboonchu,” Kru Diesel said. “He stayed with me since he was very young and was a great fighter. He is a nice person and never made any problem with the gym. Yothin is also a good guy too. Even though he just came to the gym 3 years ago.”