FA Group partners with Team Haizler

FA Group in coordination with Israeli Muay Thai gym Team Haizeler has decided to help push the sport internationally as Petchboonchuay FA Group will be going to Tel Aviv Israel for 3 weeks to help Itay Guyer prepare for the world games.   

Petchboonchuay is a well-regarded Muay Khao fighter out of FA Group and began his Muay Thai career at the age of 10.

“My uncle was a boxer and he like Muay Thai and he was the one that first trained by,” Petchboonchuay said. “I stayed in my hometown in Beung Kan province until I was 11 years old then I moved to Bor Pla Boonchu gym which later became FA Group in Bangkok.”    

Petchboonchuay at MX Extreme

Petchboonchuay at MX Extreme

At the age of 11 Petchboonchuay was already a seasoned veteran of the ring. He’d had his first fight in which he won 200 baht. “I lost and I cried after my first fight but that year I fought about 30 times."

In his storied career which has seen him fight at Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, Max Muay Thai and MX extreme Petchboonchuay has fought countless times with a record of 150 fights, 104 wins, 6 draws and 40 losses.

Petchboonchuay holds Petchboonchu FA Group in high esteem. Petchboonchu is the most decorated Muay Thai boxer in history with an uncountable amount of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern belts. 

His proudest accomplishments came when he returned to the ring after an extended lay off. "I fought from 11 to 21 then I took a break for four years. I had a family and a son, sadly things with my wife didn't work out but I returned to Muay Thai. I have been fighting for the last 2 to 3 years regularly and am really proud of how far I've come."

Petchboonchuay has overcome notable Thais and foreigners since his come back and beat French  fighter Brian Denis out of Max Sport Gym twice on MX Extreme. Petchboonchuay attributes his success to head FA Group trainer Kru Diesel. 


He has always followed Kru Diesel ever since the Bor Pla Boonchu days and considers him to be his favorite trainer.

“He taught me how to be a good fighter. You have to train hard and follow the rules,” Petchboonchuay said. “He also taught me how to be a good trainer. You have take care of the kids and be a kind person.”

Of course Petchboonchuay holds FA Group in high esteem. “We are one of the best gyms. FA Group is like a family and we all train together. We’ve never thrown a fight or taken a dive because of gamblers. We bring up the kids from Isaan and teach them to respect their elders. FA Group is not like a business, it is like a family.”

It is with that feeling of comradery and family that FA Group has extended its hands to help Itay in preparation for the World Games. Itay previously was at FA Group gym in preparation for his fight on the Best of Siam promotion at Rajadamnern Stadium which was hosted by legendary French Muay Thai Fighter Jean Charles Skarbowsky. Itay Guyer bested Petchmahakam Khorat Sports School at the stadium winning by TKO in the fourth round.


Guyer is on the past to success and recently took the Silver Medal at the IFMA games this year and is now been invited to fight in Poland at the World Games.

The World Games is coordinated along with IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur) and according to it's website "The 10th edition of the World Games is set to be one of the biggest sport events in Poland and the city of Wroclaw will become a place of unforgettable sport performances where more than 4000 participants from more than 100 countries together with hundreds of thousand fans will gather to celebrate excellence and fair play."   


FA Group and Team Haizler is looking to take the world by storm with this partnership!

Go Team Israel! Go Team Thailand!