Reportback of Team Israel at IFMA

Team Israel has been training out of FA Group in the last few weeks in preparation for the youth IFMA fights. The IFMA (International Federatioin Muay Thai Amateur) is a large organization that is pushing Muay Thai into the Olympics. Currently the sport is in provisional status which means that in a few years Muay Thai may be a full fledged sport in the Olympics. In preparation for this many countries are pushing Muay Thai. This is the case with Team Israel who each year are growing as a team and securing more and more medals.

The Team Israel Crew

The Team Israel Crew


This year 11 year old Amin Mdah competed against Germany in the 1/4 final round, Amin used good teep and clinch techniques throughout his fight but sadly the judges saw it differently and Amin lost his fight. 

Amin had a great training camp in FA Group and was trained by Petboonchuy and Diesel. 

New comer 15 year old Ariel Steinberg who experienced Thailand for the first time at FA Group got a draw straight to the semi final in cadets 14-15 at 51 kilo. Ariel had a tough fight against Spain but came through on points and advanced to the finals against Thailand, Ariel stepped to the ring against Thailand more composed, focused and with a goal in his mind, to be world champion. 

Ariel fought well against a far more experienced Thai opponent, blocking his kicks and hitting the Thai with a punch kick combination, in the clinch Ariel did fairly well, but came short on points but went on to win the Silver medal. Ariel credits his clinch experience with FA Group fighter Tan for his silver. 

16 year old Amit Mdah who has become a familiar face in FA Group in the last few years competed in the Junior 16-17 division and won against Madagascar in the 1/8, in the 1/4 final Amit went on the fight the representative of the Palestinian Authority, sadly the opponent's team boycotted the fight, Amit was not there for politics, Amit was there to fight and advanced to the semi finals against Ukraine. 

In the semi final Amit began the first round with his usual superb footwork and punch to elbow techniques, and injured his opponent face, in the second round the Ukrainian opponent out pointed Amit, in the 3rd round Amit did more damage with his strong elbows and the Ukrainian pointed more and won the fight, Amit went on to win the Bronze medal.

17 year old Din Haziza who competed at the Junior division 51 kilo, went up against Austalia in the 1/8 round, Din knocked out his opponent viciously with a headkick in the 2nd round and advanced on to the next round. In the 1/4 Din won against Sweden and in the semi finals against Kazakhstan. 

Din's KO win! 


Din with his award

Din with his award

Din went on to the finals against a Thai from Udon Thani, a Lumpinee fighter with 70 fights, Din fought well using his femur style technique and matched his opponent well, but the scorecards were very close but not enough and Din won the silver medal. Prior to his medal win Din had a solid camp at FA Group and also with Petchboonchuay who trained out in Israel. 

17 year old Elad Suman who has been in FA Group before and is known for a good clinch game, strong kicks and superb movement competed in the Junior 16-17 division 67 kilo, Elad went up against Turkey in the 1/8, Elad outclassed and taunted his opponent using his trademark middle kicks and evasions and won the fight, in the 1/4 he went up against a talented and experienced fighter from Peru, Elad showcased good punch and combination techniques and dominated the clinch game and advances to the semi finals against Ukraine. 

In the semi finals Elad fell short every round against Ukraine, it was very competitive but the opponent had an answer to the kicks, and strong defense and scored better in the clinch. 

Elad lost but was awarded the bronze medal. 

The training camp in FA Ground improved Elad's clinch defense and stability, Elad worked morning and afternoon with James, Yothin and other strong Thai's and was well prepared for the championship. 



17 years Roie Ullman competed in the junior 16-17 75 kilo division, Roie who comes from a great school of Muay Thai but lacked some experienced fought in the 1/4 against Russia, Roie's technique was clear and precise, but in the later rounds the Russian pushed the pace hard and won on points. 

Alex Dar one of the head coaches for the team said, "I have been visiting the Gym for the last few years and sending the fighters there to prepare for international fights and tournaments, FA Group offers aggressive style techniques with a unique clinch regime that proves itself over and over in competition, regardless of the professional aspect of the gym it is like a family to us, the trainers and management takes care of us and we feel like home, I will miss my friends in the gym and I will come visit very soon."