Fight night at Bangla Stadium



FA Group was out in force recently at Bangla Stadium in Phuket. Liam is good friends with the promoter and owner of MU Den Gym and he was nice enough to set up the crew with a series of fights. It was a great night for FA with Petchniyom winning by knockout, Wangnamyen and Matt winning and points and Wankii losing on points.


Petchniyom looked sharp in his fight and was shaking off the ring rust. He hasn't fought in a while after a chest injury. He was on it at the stadium though! Check out his three round battle below.


Wangnamyen recently had a tough defeat at Max but was shining at Bangla where he easily cruised through his opponent who'd recently fought at MX and knocked his opponent out. A great victory for Wangnamyen and he is looking confident.


Fan favorite Matt got up to test himself in the ring once again. His opponent was in better shape but was just not as experienced as Matt and Matt cruised to victory.


Wankii, from South Korea, has been at the gym for the last few months and has shown a lot of improvement. Coming from a kickboxing background this was his first Muay Thai bout. While he didn't get the decision we look forward to more of South Korean Storm devastate in the ring!