Yothin vs Kompatak


Yothin and Kompatak clashed at Lumpinee for the evening’s main event last night, February 1st 2019.

Although Yothin and Kompatak have fought twice before, Yothin has moved up two weight classes in the past year in order to find opponents after a brutal 13 fight win streak in 2017, and gave up an additional two pounds for this match. After only two-days of weight cutting - unusual for a top-tier fighter - Yothin weighed in at 120 lbs, and Kompatak at 122 lbs.

Yothin came in strong, pressing forward and landing technically spectacular throws throughout the third round, but struggled to maintain his dominance against a significantly taller opponent. Although he brought his signature, overwhelming style and a lion’s heart, he didn’t manage to bring home the win.

On to the next one.

Catch the highlights below: