In a new joint promotion between the daughter of one of the Rajadamnern promoters and her Chinese partner, two of our Thai fighters and two of our foreigners came to battle it out live on Chinese TV.

Last-minute Change in Strategy

Kris was the second fight of the first bracket, and was already wrapped and oiled when the promoter came in to tell us that the first round would be scored on a ten-points must system - and limiting the clinch. Although not forbidden, clinching fighters would be broken once position was secured, and no leg sweeps were allowed at all.


Kris adapted well, establishing control early with heavy punches and racking up the score with chains of well-timed knees, even in the limited clinch. He came out with a dominant win on points after three rounds, his first win against a Thai opponent.

“I’ve never fought an opponent with such strong kicks”, he said afterward.


Songfangkong also fought in the first bracket. He had never fought in a three-round format, or with limited clinch. He wasn’t able to up his pace enough to match his opponent, losing the first round badly, and covering for much of the second. Although he began to turn it around in the third, landing a body takedown just before the final bell, it wasn’t enough to make up for the first two rounds and he lost on points.


Komawut fought in the second bracket, dominating the entire fight with rock-solid defense, and winning on points after three rounds. He adapted well to the modified style, landing heavy punches, and brutal leg kicks, and catching a beautiful sweep off a spin kick that brought a roar from the crowd.


Mark was our last fight of the night, and he started slow, with his opponent controlling the ring and the pace - Mark chased, but struggled to make contact in the first and second rounds.

He began to pick it up near the end of the second round, landing a knee that doubled his opponent over, and by the middle of the third round, he had hit his stride, driving the clinch and forcing a count after a punishing volley of knees and elbows that left his opponent sagged against the ropes. He came out with a points win, our third of the night. Overall, a satisfying evening.

Next up: Yothin FA Group vs Dejchaiya Petchyindee.