The prize fighter coming out of the gym was Petchboonchu FA Group who has won 13 championships over 7 weight classes. Petchboonchu fought his entire career out of FA Group battling reknown boxers such as Sam-A GaiyanghadaoNong-O GaiyanghadaoSagetdao PetpayathaiOrono Wor Petchpun, Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym, Singdam Kiatmuu9, and Kongsak PKSaenchaimuaythaigym.

Petchboonchu has retired now and teaches at Evolve MMA in Singapore. You can see some of his highlights here. 

Yothin FA Group is the prize fighter out of the gym now and is making himself known in the 115lb weight category. He fights with a very stiff jab and an unbeatable lock in the clinch. 

Petchniyom FA Group is the camp's second best fighter and holds a belt at Thai Rat TV. A technically savvy fighter he utilizes his push kicks to enter into the clinch. Once on the inside he chokeholds his opponents and knees them into submission. 

Wangnamyen FA Group is a star in the making. His never say die attitude and his unrelenting ability to walk forward in the clinch has gained him the Max 4 man belt at 66 kgs (He won both bouts via knock out). With thunderous knees and an aggressive attitude Wangnamyen is making waves at Max Muay Thai with a second round TKO win over Andrew Miller from Scotland, and a second round TKO win of Samuel Roberts from England. He recently won on points in a last minute bout against Wanchalong Sampeenong

Born in Nongkhai, Wangnamyen is 18 years old and stands at 170 cms. He's fought a total of 57 times with 31 wins and 26 losses. 


Komawuut FA Group has won the Thai Rath TV belt. With his stocky frame and boyish good looks Komawuut not only kills in the clinch but also enjoys an amateur modeling career with his photos taken by Pulse Active a sportswear brand. 


Petchgantat MU Den is a regular at Channel 7, fighting between 140 and 142 pounds out of MU Den in Bangkok. He works frequently here at FA Group to hone his already strong clinch.


Tan came to the gym at a very young age when his parents divorced. He was born in Nong Khai and is 13 years old. Fighting at 46 kilos he has had 45 fights with 23 wins and 23 losses. He has been at the gym for the last 4 years and fights under the name of Samnamkon FA Group