Training only (price in baht)

Daily One Session:       500             Daily Two Session:       800

Weekly One Session:   3000          Weekly Two Session:    4000

Monthly One Session: 9500           Monthly two Sessions: 10000

Package Training plus room

Daily One Session:       1300            Daily Two Session:        1600 

Weekly One Session:   6500           Weekly Two Session:    8000

Monthly One Session: 18500          Monthly Two Session:   19500

Training packages includes electricity and water. A deposit of 3,000 baht for weekly stays will be asked for and 6,000 baht for monthly packages. A cleaning fee of 500 baht is charged upon exit. Deposit will be refunded when leaving. 

We offer the following discounts for training

For 3 months discount of 10% 
For 4 months and above discount of 15%
For 1 year training 20%

No refunds on pre paid accommodation and training. Make your reservation here. 

Private Training

One on One Training is now available with all of our topnotch trainers. Head Trainer Diesel is available as well for 2000 baht per hour while the rest of our excellent trainers are available for 1000 baht per hour. Whether you are looking for an intense workout or to hone your technique one on one training with a coach is an excellent way for you to push yourself to the limit! Email: info@muaythaifagroup.com or hit us up our facebook page to book your spot.


FA Group Fitness

The gym offers evening classes to people interested in working out. This is a great time for beginners or those who are looking to primarily work out. Drop by anytime between 6pm and 8:30. The class involves some warm up, pad work with a trainer, some bag work and calesthetics. The session last about an hour and a half and costs 300 baht for Thais, 350 for Foreigners. Private training for the fitness class must be booked in advance. Kids under 12 years old receive a 15% discount. 


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