Monthly Training

Training Prices, Training Only (price in baht)

Monthly One Session: 9000

Monthly Two Session: 10000

Package Training Room Price (add to training)

F.A. Camp (Shared bathroom, shared room) 4000

F.A. Camp (Shared bathroom, single room) 6000

S.L. Residence (Private bathroom, room) 10500

Packages includes electricity and water. A deposit of 6,000 baht will be required for monthly packages. Deposit will be refunded when leaving, minus a 500 baht cleaning fee.

No refunds on pre paid accommodation and training. Does not include electricity and water. Make your reservation here. 

Training details

  • We welcome all experience levels; beginner, intermediate or advanced

  • Two training sessions daily

  • Morning run from 6am - 7am. Morning session from 7am - 9:00am. Afternoon session from 3pm to 5:00pm

  • Training will be adjusted to your experience level

  • Meals are not included with training and accommodation packages

  • The gym is open 6 days a week: Monday to Saturday


FA Group has put out a series of top quality stadium Thai fighters. Boxers out of FA Group are always "Muay Khao" or knee fighters, and the gym heavily emphasizes "plum" or clinching, practicing twice daily for up to an hour each session.

Knee fighters become elite by grinding out their victories in the ring and, even more importantly, putting their nose to the grindstone in the gym. For this reason, and in order to maintain training quality for both Thais and foreigners, foreign students are capped at 10 to 12 per session.

Morning sessions begin with a run at Chatuchak park followed by pad work, clinching, and/or technical sparring. Push ups, sit ups and light weight training close out the 2-3 hour session. 

Afternoon sessions begin at 3pm with a warm up skipping rope, followed by a clinching session that lasts between forty minutes and an hour. Training then goes into padwork and bag work, closing out with a thirty minute run around the neighborhood and push ups, sit ups and light weight training.

Visiting fighters generally fight at the stadiums; Rajadamnern, Rangsit, Lumpinee, Channel 7 and Max Muay Thai. Fights for foreigners can be arranged according to skill level and duration of stay.