Private Training

One on One Training is now available with all of our topnotch trainers. Whether you are looking for an intense workout or to hone your technique one on one training with a coach is an excellent way for you to push yourself to the limit!

  • Head Trainer Diesel: An all-around technical private with Thailand's celebrated Trainer of the Year 2015. Kru Diesel is gifted at assessing his students and training to maximize their growth. 3000 baht per hour.

  • Clinch Training with Yothin FA Group. Yothin is legendary for his elegance in the clinch, grinding his opponents down with brutal knees and powerful throws. 3000 baht per hour.

  • Clinch Training with Petchniyom FA Group. Petchniyom is highly technical, and specializes in precision sweeps and spectacular timing. 2000 baht per hour.

  • Professional Private. All of the rest of our excellent trainers are available for fight-focused private training. 1000 - 1500 baht per hour.

  • Wai Kru Training. A specialty course designed to teach and refine the fighter's Wai Kru. 1000 baht per 45 minutes.