Private Training

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Kru diesel

Trainer of the year in 2015, Kru Diesel is the head trainer and heart of FA Group. With the gym for more than twenty years, he has produced names like Petchboonchu FA Group, Yothin FA Group and Petchniyom FA Group.



Petchniyom fa Group

Petchniyom is highly technical, and specializes in precision sweeps and spectacular timing. An active fighter and talented trainer, he brings a playfulness to his lessons that makes the learning much easier. 



Yothin Fa Group

Yothin is an active fighter and a regular figure at the well-respected Rajadamnern stadium. Yothin is legendary for his elegance in the clinch, grinding his opponents down with brutal knees and powerful throws.




Bon fought out of FA Group for many years, accumulating well over 200 fights and boasting a highly technical but unorthodox style. Bon is a strong trainer and speaks excellent English, making him a good fit for a range of levels.




Three-time champion and 2014 Fighter of the Year Superbank is known for his well-rounded, highly technical fimue style. 




ProFessional Private

One of our skilled professional trainers and a primary pad holder for our professional fighters - expect to get the same level of training and attention to detail that they do.



Also Available: Private Fitness Training!

Whether you want to improve your technique, blast cardio or build muscle, private training is the best way to boost your fitness fast.

Now offering personalized, private training sessions with all of our fitness instructors, using a combination of weighted and high-intensity exercises to help you look and feel like a fighter.