The training in FA Group is a lot different then any other gyms I trained at in Thailand. They clinch 1 hour before you hit pads. Pads is alot different too as they do 3x10 minute rounds so it's gives you alot of endurance. My favourite trainers were Diesel and Borapetch. They both had different ways in teaching but both are great trainers and people .I learned from fa group that this style of fighting suited me alot more then previous gyms I had been too. It made my style change for the better and made me very strong.  My knees and elbows improved a ton. I fought about 10 times out of FA Group. I lost only once out of 10 fights 

Toby Smith Pro Fighter Australia


First time I came to F.A group was a few years ago and since then this is my gym in Thailand. The reason F.A is my gym is because the people of the gym and of course because of the specific style of the gym and the training methods. F.A is the best clinch gym in the world and in one week you can train with the best clinch fighters in Thailand and train with one of the best couches out there, Diesel. There is no other place in the world that you can get better and become a professional in the muy khao style. Adam Galili Pro Fighter- Israel



FA Group was my first gym in Bangkok, it was for me more than muay thai camp- it was my home and everyone in the camp was my family in Thailand. They took care of everything accommodation, food, etc. It is not easy to merge in the Thai culture for farang but FA family was amazing with me, I had a great experience. Ajarn Diesel "Didi" the head coach was like a father to me, he taught me his muay thai style "muay khao" with passion and love for the sport. FA Group is more than muay thai gym, it's a state of mind. FA Group is a synonym for "never surrender". Amin Jlassi Pro Fighter- Tunsia



When most people hear the name FA Group, the first thing that comes to mind is Petchboonchu FA Group. Petchboonchu is a Muay Thai legend who dominated the Muay Thai scene with his ferocious clinching abilities, single handedly putting FA Group on the map.

With Petchboonchu’s fierce reputation as the best clincher in Muay Thai, it shouldn’t surprise you that this is a clinching gym.

The bulk of the training revolves around the hour long clinching session that is guaranteed to build up your clinch endurance. Most of their fighters are Muay Khao fighters who come forward with aggression, throwing hard knees in the clinch....  read more from Muay Thai Pros

I found training at FA Group a lot diferent than other gyms in the south, it's alot more difficult, you can see that everyone is dedicated in the gym which makes you feel like you want to train harder. It's not just all hard strict muaythai in the gym, you can have a laugh with everyone and they make you feel like your welcome. The training is tough especialy the runs and the clinching. They are a different level with the clinches they do tricks ive never seen before.

 My favorite trainer was Bon, he put alot of time to help me with the clinching and he would never move on too another technique until I fully understood how to perfect the technique. I learnt alot from FA group especially with the clinching, the first time i went to the gym i had no idea how to clinch, at the start i found it frustrating and difficult but eventually i found it easier as they made it fun to learn question. 

FA Group helped me with my fighting in alot of ways, helping me improve on my stamina. I improved on my runs every morning and evening training sessions. I improved on my technical skills as a fighter. I find that the litle technniques for example how to do a fast but strong left kick how to a lean back or the correct skill to a right knee all of them techniqes you get taught at gyms but you never get taught how to improve on them, in FA Group they helped me in all of them.


China Faye Bajerski‎ Pro Fighter Spain