Diesel is the heart and soul of FA Group. Born in Sothon the 52 year old trainer fought over 300 times. While he was never a champion himself Diesel has produced many including Petchboonchu FA Group, Wangnamyen FA Group, Komawuut FA Group, Fahmeechai FA Group and many others. 

Diesel is an enthusiastic trainer who is able to train the best out of his students and focuses on transitioning from the clinch to elbow attacks. 

In 2015 he was awarded the coveted Trainer of the Year award by Muay Siam. 


Panom Topking is a fighter and trainer at FA Group. Born in Roiet he is 32 years old and fights at 75 kilos. He has won the Thailand Belt at 154 lbs, the WPMF belt at 160 lbs and a Lumpinee Belt. He actively fights in Thailand and abroad and has a record of 70 fights, 5 draws and 18 losses. He is a tricky fighter that switches his stances and concentrates on his boxing along with powerful body kicks. As a trainer he focuses on combinations and making sure the boxers are in tip top shape for their bouts. 


Trainer and fighter Tong, or Petchboonchuchuay, was born in Nong Keng near the Laos border. At 27 years old he has racked up 120 fights with 70 wins, 5 draws and 45 losses. Not only does he regularly hold pads for the fighters but also fights himself with a recent slew of victories at Max Muay Thai along with MX Extreme. Tong is known for his great work ethic and his loyal female fan club. 



Bon has been with the gym for several years. Having retired from fighting due to an injury Bon is a great addition to the team. With his excellent english and his fimeu, technical style, Bon injects the boxers of FA Group with precision and technique.