Training at FA Group

FA Group has put out a series of top quality stadium Thai fighters and have helped international fights gain momentum in their career with the boxers out of FA Group are always "Muay Khao" or knee fighters. The gym has a heavy emphasis on clinching- often practicing the "plum" or the clinch, twice a day for 40 minutes to an hour each session. The training is very much "learning by doing" and while technical instruction is given the best way to get better is to repeatedly practice, practice, and practice some more. Knee fighters become the best at what they do by grinding out their victories in the ring and more importantly putting their nose to the grindstone in the gym. There is only dedication at the gym. With the fighters being top tier the amount of foreigners is capped at 10 to 12 to prevent overcrowding and to ensure quality training for both the Thais and foreigners. 

Training at FA Group is not separated and everyone works together. One day a fighter will clinch with just Thais, the next day with just foreigners, the third day a mix of the two. This ensures an equal atmosphere that is reinforced by Mr. Liam's presence in the gym. The owner can often be seen doing pads, sparring, or clinching with his boxers not only for fun, but for his love of the sport. 

The morning sessions begin with a long run at Chatuchak park followed by pad work, clinching, and or some technical sparring. Push ups, sit ups and some weight training close out the 2-3 hour session. 

The afternoon session begins at 3pm and has the boxers warm up with some rope skipping followed by a clinching session that lasts 40 minutes to an hour. The training goes into padwork and bag work. The padwork is generally 3 rounds of 5 minute duration. The session is closed out with a 30 minute run around the neighborhood and push ups, sit ups and light weight training. The afternoon session generally takes up 3 hours. 

Fighters generally fight at the stadiums; Rajadamnern, Rangsit, Lumpinee, Channel 7, Max Muay Thai etc. and fights for foreigners can be arranged according to skill level and duration of stay. 

People of all genders are welcome to train at FA Group with no discrimination (ladies don't go under the bottom rope, they still clinch with everyone, equal pad work time etc.)

Training only (price in baht)

Daily One Session:       500             Daily Two Session:       800

Weekly One Session:   3000          Weekly Two Session:    4000

Monthly One Session: 9500           Monthly two Sessions: 10000

Package Training plus room

Daily One Session:       1300            Daily Two Session:        1600 

Weekly One Session:   6500           Weekly Two Session:    8000

Monthly One Session: 18500          Monthly Two Session:   19500

We offer the following discounts on training

For 3 months discount of 10% 
For 4 months and above discount of 15%
For 1 year training 20%

Packages includes electricity and water. A deposit of 3,000 baht for weekly stays will be asked for and 6,000 baht for monthly packages. Deposit will be refunded when leaving.  

No refunds on pre paid accommodation and training. Does not include electricity and water. Make your reservation here. 

The gym is open 6 days a week: Monday to Saturday

Training details

  • We welcome all experience levels; beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Two training sessions daily
  • Morning session from 7am - 9:30am Afternoon session from 3pm to 5:30pm
  • Training will be adjusted to your experience level
  • Meals are not included with training and accommodation packages

Room Amenities

  • There is a security deposit of 3000 baht and 6000 baht for weekly and monthly packages. Deposit  will be returned at checkout
  • King size or twin bed
  • Airconditioning
  • Bed sheets and towel
  • Includes water and electricity
  • Laundry service is available to can be done via coin washing machines on site
  • Room cleaning service available for 250 baht per time. Please let us know one day in advance.

FA Group Fit

The gym offers evening classes to people interested in working out. This is a great time for beginners or those who are looking to primarily work out. Drop by anytime between 6pm and 8:30. The class involves some warm up, pad work with a trainer, some bag work and calesthetics. The session last about an hour and a half and costs 300 baht for Thais, 350 for Foreigners. 

สำหรับนักเรียนที่สะดวกและต้องการออกกำลังกายตอนเย็น เปิดรับสำหรับทุกท่านที่ต้องการเรียนพื้นฐานหรือไม่เคยมีประสบการณ์มาก่อน สามารถมาเริ่มได้ตั้งแต่เวลา18:00เริ่มจากเตรียมพร้อมวอร์มร่างกาย พันมือ แตะกระสอบ กระโดดเชือก ฝึกจากท่าพื้นฐาน การเรียนการสอนจะให้นักเรียนได้แตะต่อยตัวต่อแบบกรุ๊ปกับคู่มวยสลับหยุดพักตลอดเวลาจนถึง 20:30  


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